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Random Thoughts

22nd April, 2013. 11:34 am. It's been a heck of a long time.

I'm on facebook these days.  But since I wrote this cheesy thing in response to someone on Amanda Palmer's blog under the name wilder125

Tell me did you know.
That alcohol would
Spawn little things like
This prose.

Tell me did you know.
My decongestants are
Making me see
Shiny rainbows.

Tell me did you know
That caffeine is
The only thing keeping
Me sane away from home.

Tell me did you know
I don't know what
My point is

Or where this does flow.

Tell me did you know
I should go

And sit on my

Shiny porcelain throne

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19th January, 2009. 9:03 am. random thought of the day

If I was in the habit of blocking someone due to political views from a) my facebook b) my livejournal c) myspace d) chatrooms e) forums f) my cell phone, life would be extremely boring simply because half of the interesting discussions I enjoy in life and will enjoy in the future wouldn't exist anymore.

I don't have a reason for posting this.  Well, I would, but I'm blocked on someone's journal which means they're not reading mine anymore.  So I don't have any reason at all.  heh

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16th January, 2009. 1:05 am. Last week, i went to a funeral for my Uncle Larry

Posted it in Pernese Friends, Myspace, and facebook but forgot to post it here too.  I'm doing better, but could be better too.  I'm going to go to a couple of used bookstores tomorrow, buy some books, then hide out in my house and read for the weekend.

side note, no specifics.  I really hate it when i apparently do something to cause someone to stop talking to me and I don't even know what it is.    There are currently 16 people who fit that statement.  And I'm posting it here and myspace just to make sure I cover anyone I've missed in that list.  for the most part the statement covers the past 3 years.  i'm just in a contemplative mood tonight

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5th January, 2009. 10:25 pm. Something the FDA never bothered to let people know.


so, some of the foods people have been eating have had extracts of bugs in them.  also cosmetics

Bugs in Your Food

As it turns out, there really may be a bug in your soup.

The Food and Drug Administration has finalized a rule that will require food companies to list cochineal extract and carmine on the label when they are used in food and cosmetics. But the new rule contains one glaring omission. It doesn’t require companies to tell you that the ingredients come from a bug.

Cochineal extract and carmine, used to dye food, drinks and cosmetics various shades of red, orange, pink and purple, are extracted from the dried bodies of the female cochineal bug.

The F.D.A. typically doesn’t require color additives to be named on food labels. For years, the bug extracts “have been hidden under the terms ‘artificial colors’ or ‘color added,’ ” according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest. The group says the extracts are commonly used in reddish-colored foods and beverages, including fruit drinks, ice creams, yogurts and candies.

However, the F.D.A. required the ingredients be listed after University of Michigan allergist Dr. James L. Baldwin reported that some of his patients suffered severe allergic reactions to the bug extracts. After C.S.P.I. petitioned the F.D.A. in 1998, the group also received several dozen adverse-reaction reports from consumers.

In a statement, the group criticized the ruling, noting that labels should make it clear that the extracts come from bugs. They argue that people with allergies who want to avoid the foods for health reasons are well aware of what the ingredients are made from. But vegetarians and people of certain religious faiths who would typically avoid a bug-based product may not be aware of the origins of the extracts without more disclosure on the food label.

But the F.D.A. said that the labeling rule that requires companies to just list the name of the ingredient and nothing else gives “adequate information” to consumers who want to avoid the bug-based colorants for religious or dietary reasons. The new rule will take effect in 2011.

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5th January, 2009. 11:42 am.

from the website www.repairmanjack.com, founded and owned by author F. Paul Wilson.  moderated and modified by others since he doesn't have time to do that himself.

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Default My Joker…their Joker

I've been getting emails for a while telling me how The Dark Knight ripped off my Joker from "Definitive Therapy" and how I should sue their asses.

A little background: Marty Greenberg edited The Further Adventures of Batman in 1988 and I took him to task for not asking me to contribute. He said he'd assumed I never read comic books. Never read them? Hell, I'd written them. So when he got a contract for The Further Adventures of the Joker, I was on his list of writers to call.

But I wanted to do my own Joker. I disliked Jack Nicholson's portrayal almost as much as Ceasar Romero's from the TV show. Sure, the bizarre murders, the bad jokes, and psychopathic clowning were all there, but no sense of anything truly evil beating beneath the surface. I decided to take the Joker out of his element, drain off some of his control, make him a prisoner/patient in the notorious Arkham Asylum. Here we would see a subtler, less flamboyant Joker, but more deeply and darkly evil, coldly maleficent. Batman would not appear. I’d offer no prose equivalent of comic-book splash-page action. My Joker would chill instead of thrill. My story would be a tabletop psychomachy. He robs and steals, but the loot is a means, not an end. He wants to destroy – art…people…values…his nihilism makes no distinction.

The result was "Definitive Therapy," which I consider one of my better stories.

Flash forward almost two decades and I'm getting these emails. I'd meant to see The Dark Knight on the big screen but somehow never got to a theater. Finally, this week, I rented the DVD.

Yeah, that's my Joker.

Am I saying they couldn't have come up with that Joker without me? Not at all. As I was watching I got hints of the infusion of anarchic nihilism I'd administered, but nothing to write an email about…until the interrogation room scenes and his scene in the hospital with Harvey Dent. I watched those multiple times, recognized the seductive evil a work, and realized the emailers were right: Somebody somewhere along the line, in researching the character, had read "Definitive Therapy." He may not even remember. I know I didn't realize that Matheson's "Born of Man and Woman" became my "Faces," and Lovecraft's "The Thing on the Doorstep" became Sibs until I reread their stories. It happens.

Am I gonna sue? Hell, no. First off, I can't. The Joker is not my character and the story was work for hire, so what I did with him belongs to DC. (As I've said before, When you play in someone else's sandbox, they get to keep your castle. This is why I don't do work for hire unless the sand is so special I've just gotta play with it. Like the Joker.)

And second, I think it's cool they liked my guy enough to put him to work in their film.

So yes, that sure as hell looks like my Joker up there on the screen (and Heath Ledger and the screenwriters did a hell of a job with him), but judge for yourself. Check out the story here:
http://www.repairmanjack.com/support files/JOKER-set.rtf

Then check out the film.

Just remember: I have not been wronged, so you need not email me. Everything's cool.

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29th December, 2008. 9:28 am. If You're Going To Have a Political Opinion, Try To Put Some Thought Into It

No President anywhere has ever been solely at fault for whatever people blame him for.  Congress still has to give him money to put it into effect after all.  In Bush's case,  a few Democrats had to have voted yay on some things that people hate him for or else they wouldn't have passed.  So congrats,  Democrats are a little bit at fault for Bush's decisions.   On that same note, it's also possible that a few republicans voted some of Clintons decisions in.  Just because a party votes against someone doesn't mean they aren't human.  Quit being stubborn and accept it.

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31st October, 2008. 8:36 am. This sums up my view on the election (humor, with a little sarcasm)

From somethingpositive.net .   A site that  a) makes me flinch b) makes me laugh) c) offends me.  All in equal measure.   Even the act of offending makes me laugh a little.

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20th July, 2008. 11:10 pm. music I'm a fan of

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11th September, 2007. 6:58 pm. About me

Informative title isn't it?

I'm more of a listener than a typer.  Or on the internet, I'm more of a reader.  The chances of seeing anything from me on this very often are slim as a result.  After all,  I've been on AMCF for how long and am still less than 600 or 700 posts?

It's just the way I am.

Though if something gets me in a typing mood, people will know it.  *grin*

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